forthcoming exhibition

Manchester Art Fair at Manchester Central, (GMEX)
Friday 12th - Sunday 14th October 2018.
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previous exhibitions

Buy Art Fair at Manchester Central, (GMEX)
Friday 27th - Sunday 29th October 2017.
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John Alvaro Caldas 1934 - 2006. Works on Paper.
8th November - 17th January 2015.
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The gallery will be curating an exhibition, 'A Northern Sensibility' at the Strarta Art Fair, the Saatchi Gallery, London from October 10th -13th 2013.
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Winter Exhibition. Works in this exhibition will be continuously updated. Artists include: John Nash, Frank Dobson, Robert Hurdle, Brian Ferran, John Alvaro Caldas, Terry Duffy, Joy Barnes, Norman Jaques, Jim Billsborough, Marian Kratochwil, Martin Murrey, Victor Haagen-Muller, Amelie Michaelsen and David Gledhill.
From Friday 16th November - February 2013.
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Summer Exhibition. Artists include: Thorvald Hagedorn-Olsen, Colin Moss, Liam Spencer, Axel Bentzen, Terry Duffy, Viggo Rohde, David Gledhill, John Alvaro Caldas and Caroline Helena Armington.
From Friday July 20th - Saturday August 11th 2012.
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John Alvaro Caldas 1934-2006. Paintings and drawings.
From Wednesday April 11th - Saturday April 29th 2012.
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David Gledhill. 'Dr Munschied'. Paintings.
June 2011
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Danish Figurative Painting. 1932-1965.
March 2011
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John Alvaro Caldas. 1934 - 2006.
July 2010
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Liam Spencer
March 2010
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Maurice Wade. 1917 - 1991. '........dream and actuality'
November 2009
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